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My Favourite Things

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I have lots of clothes…probably way too many clothes. There are lots of items in my closet that I only wear for business or only wear occasionally. But I do have my go-to items that I wear all the time – here are the things that I couldn’t live without.

Majestic T-Shirts

Made in France from soft cotton and linen, these are the lightest t-shirts you will ever buy. These are the t-shirts you will wear when it’s so hot, you really don’t feel like wearing anything at all.

Autumn Cashmere Sweaters

Cozy cashmere that never pills and wears terrifically. I have 6 year old Autumn Cashmere sweaters that I still wear and that still look brand new.

Black Sheath Dress

I have worn this to Office Christmas parties, funerals, weddings and work meetings. Dress it up with a well-tailored blazer or make it casual with a little cardigan. For a basic, inexpensive black sheath, check out Ann Taylor.

J Brand Super Skinny Black Jeans

So comfy, wearing these J Brand jeans is like wearing sweatpants. They look great dressed up with heals or tucked into riding boots with a cozy sweater.

Tilo Scarves

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I use these Tilo scarves for everything from a blanket on planes, to an evening wrap, to keeping the wind off my neck.

What are your favorite, “can’t live without” items?

If you’re interested in where you can purchase these fabulous brands, check out Carriage Trade in Toronto.

Written on my Microsoft Surface RT with purple backlit keyboard